Thousands make this mistake with their router! Is this your case?

We often complain that we have a weaker Wi-Fi signal at home or that the Internet is not as fast as it should be. Especially when using the wireless network. However, in some cases it is our fault. Thousands of people make a mistake with their router and it’s not even on purpose. It is often linked to the Internet installation that we have at home. So if we make a simple change we will most likely have a better Wi-Fi signal and the practical result of this is a the Internet faster.

Thousands make this mistake with their router! Is this your case?

In fact, it’s a problem that in most cases goes unnoticed. But in reality it shouldn’t. Indeed, anything that can improve our Wi-Fi signal is important. Especially when there is no need for us to spend money.

error with router

Many people put their carrier’s router near their TV for obvious reasons. most have one Smart-TV with access to plenty of streaming services and we guess the closer you are to the router the better. Also, in many cases, that’s where installers put it. However, this is actually a mistake.

Although the principle concerning TV is correct, i.e. the closer to the router the better the speed, there is a problem and actually it’s not a good idea to do this.

Wi-Fi uses radio waves to transmit the signal. the Internet by our house. However, these radio waves are subject to numerous interferences. Especially from electronic devices where TVs are included.

Another reason why we should not place the router near the TV is that it can obstruct the Wi-Fi signal. Certainly, the signals can pass through the TV. But all the metal inside will degrade the signal strength. If you have no other choice, since the installation of your house does not allow it to be placed elsewhere, then the ideal would be to be around 180 cm.

It is true that Wi-Fi signals can pass through obstacles such as brick walls, wooden partitions, glass and tiles, but they will degrade the internet signal. Through the metal it is already more complicated. However, the signal propagates best when there are no blockages around it.

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