Bosch Braga shines with a global innovation presented in Las Vegas

A new, enhanced safety solution designed specifically for shared mobility services, “RideCare”, by Bosch, was premiered this month at the annual CES Las Vegas, and was honored by the award for best innovation in the Entertainment and Vehicle Safety category.

At gate of the German multinational, the contribution and the role that Bosch in Braga has assumed in autonomous driving and in the future of safer and more comfortable mobility are recognized”, giving this new service as an example.

“In this latest Bosch RideCare innovation showcased at CES 2023, teams from Bosch in Braga are involved in developing the software features of the on-board system, as well as the cloud infrastructure that supports the system features residing there.” , underlines the company in a press release published on its “site”.


And, praising the Braga teams, he continues: “In addition, it is also the responsibility of the talent made in Portugal to manage the installation and the technological watch and the quality of the mobility services provided within the framework of RideCare”.

The Bosch Ridecare solution is based on the involvement of Bosch teams in Portugal, in particular through the technologies developed within the framework of innovation projects carried out in partnership with the University of Minho and the University of Porto.

Another of the main solutions developed and already presented concerns the inclusion of sensors capable of collecting information so that the vehicle can learn from experience.

Bosch booth at CES Las Vegas 2023

In this specific case of the Bosch Ridecare solution, Bosch’s involvement in Braga involved the development of the algorithm for detecting damage inside the vehicle.

This algorithm is based on machine learning techniques, capable of processing and projecting all the information generated by the various sensory systems that monitor the respective environment, be it the interior space of the passenger compartment or its passengers.

In 2017, Bosch’s contribution to Braga was also essential for the distinction at this event in the “On-board audio/video” category, thanks to a motorcyclist information system developed in Braga, at the time Car e Multimedia by Bosch.

Another Braga project received, that same year, an honorable mention in the “vehicle intelligence” category, thanks to a solution that connects the smartphone to small motorcycles or scooters, so that in the event of an accident, it issues an alert with coordinates to a specific number.

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