With rising prices, it is a challenge to save on purchases in super and hypermarkets. A group of Portuguese people came together to create an application that compares the price of the same product in real time in different hypermarkets to always know where it is the cheapest.

In this week’s report from Contas-poupança, we explain how the “Super Save” application works, which helps you save on your purchases by comparing the price of the same product in several hypermarkets. There is a link to the article at the end of this article.

Always know where it’s cheaper

Imagine being able to find out – before you leave home – which hypermarket has the lowest prices for the products on your list. The savings could amount to tens of euros with each shopping trip. There were already several apps that did this, but for some reason they disappeared from the market.

Currently, there is an application that helps you create this account in real time. It is called “Super Save” and constantly collects online prices on the pages of the main hypermarkets in Portugal.

The app also enjoys the help of some consumers who add new prices to the list whenever they find good opportunities.

You can search for the product you want, by barcode, or simply browse the different promotions and make your shopping list with the best prices you can find.

You can find out, for example, by searching for “semi-skimmed milk”, how much it costs in each of the hypermarkets analyzed by the application. In this specific case, the difference is only a few cents, but if you look for “salmon put”, the difference per kilo reaches 2 euros between hypermarkets. If you buy two kilos, you immediately have an immediate saving of 4 euros, if you had this hypermarket nearby.

On a large shopping list, the amount saved by simply comparing before buying can be very relevant.

We also looked for a dozen eggs and found the same product at €3.15, €2.84 and €2.75.

Search for the products you are interested in and make your shopping list in the app. At the end, if you click on “Market”, the application tells you where the sum of everything you have chosen is the cheapest.

Register by barcode

Another advantage of the application, wherever you are, in a hypermarket or convenience store, you just have to point the barcode and know if the product in front of you is at a good price or not compared to the competition available .

In the grocery store where we registered the report, we found many products much cheaper than in any hypermarket.

A bottle of wine was marked in this grocery store for €6.50. Thanks to the application, I learn that in hypermarkets it is sold at 8 euros, 7.50 and 7 euros depending on the store.

The idea is not so much to run marathons between hypermarkets – at least that’s how I use the application – but to always check in advance if a promotion is really authentic and if such and such a product is worth the worth buying in quantity.

See price history

For each product, you can consult the history of the last months, to know when a promotion is really a good promotion. And you can also set a price alert to get notified whenever the price drops.

You can watch or review the video report on this link on the SIC Notícias page:

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