A BOLA – A lawyer reveals that FC Porto had access to a mega-procedure in which Benfica is accused (FC Porto)

The lawyer of Francisco J. Marques, director of communication of FC Porto, in the process of the e-mails, Nuno Brandão revealed, during the last session dedicated to the allegations, that the dragons constitute assistants and consult the mega- process, always in the secrecy of justice, which involves the investigation of crimes of corruption and in which the SAD of Benfica, former and current leaders, such as Luís Filipe Vieira, Rui Costa, Domingos Soares de Oliveira and Nuno Gaioso, have been constituted accused.

Contacted by A BOLA, the chairman of the Benfica General Assembly board, lawyer Fernando Seara, declined to comment. Lawyers João Diogo Manteigas and João Caiado Guerreiro, however, analyzed Nuno Brandão’s statements in court.

João Diogo Manteigas and João Caiado Guerreiro explain that it is possible that FC Porto consulted the trial, still under investigation and under judicial secrecy, as an assistant, provided they were authorized by a judge. They already consider it weirder that the dragons did after Benfica’s consultation requests were rejected.

“I find it strange that the assistant is allowed to consult a case in which the defendant is not. Now anything can happen, it can be a matter of timing or the timing of the notifications themselves. It happens,” shares João Caiado Guerreiro.

João Diogo Manteigas goes further: “As a general rule, access to a trial in the secrecy of justice is not authorized. I find it strange that the lawyers for the defendant do not have access to it and the lawyers for the assistant have it, in particular because the defendants have more rights. If the FC Porto lawyers have consulted the procedure, they are bound by the secrecy of justice. But they might as well be bluffing right now [nas alegações do processo dos emails] have therefore provided. On the other hand, the lawyers who accompanied the constitution of the defendants may, in fact, still not have had access to the procedure because it is a legal secret or they may already have had access to it and choose not to give more information as it is a sensitive material that can cause damage. common citizen interpretation. If FC Porto’s lawyers had access, they cannot share. Or they bluff, in a strategy of pressure. Benfica’s lawyers will have shown admiration for this revelation, which gives a certain naturalness to the reaction and that they were not aware of the process.

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