THE BALL – Palmeiras draw, the management is booed and the seat is vandalized (Brazil)

Abel Ferreira’s Palmeiras added the second draw in three games, not exceeding a draw when they received São Paulo, in the Choque-Rei, as the city’s big derby is called.

In the end, the fans booed the result, the refereeing and the direction of Leila Pereira, who continues without giving the desired reinforcements to the Portuguese coach, after the departures of Danilo and Gustavo Scarpa, despite Abel Ferreira saying that for the now it is not necessary. “Keep calm and peaceful. You have to be careful,” Abel asked the crowd, but with a message to the board: “I want ready players, if we want to bring them in with potential, let’s give the formation a chance.”

“I cannot understand this anxiety. Look at clubs like Liverpool. I didn’t win anything last year with the same players and coaches. We won’t always win. We love filet mignon [corte mais macio de carne], but we also have to eat chicken drumstick. We must follow a good path so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Nobody needs to come in, just go out. One or two players, no more than that. It can’t be plan C. Plan C takes time that football doesn’t have. Football is a result. Then we have to train and potentiate to use the training. Here is surrender,” said the Portuguese.

Despite the Portuguese coach’s call for calm, the walls of the Palmeiras headquarters were vandalized on Sunday evening with the demands that the fans had already made heard in the stadium: demands to hire players directed against President Leila Pereira and the club’s board.

In three matches already played in the São Paulo championship, Palmeiras has five points, with one win and two draws.

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