Colombo has individual cabins where you can work for just €1 an hour – Nacional

Your company is still telecommuting, but is it already on the verge of madness within the four walls of your house? Start packing a backpack with the gear you need, because Centro Colombo, located in the Benfica district of Lisbon, has a new service, My Place to Work, which allows you to book stalls to work.

The initiative was developed by the company Sonae Sierra and makes Colombo the first shopping center in Portugal to have a service of this type. To make the reservation, you will need to download and access the mall’s app, select the date and time of use (which coincide with the mall’s opening hours). As the cabin has a cost of €1 per hour, the last step of the reservation concerns the payment, which is done via MB WAY.

The work cabins are located on the 1st floor, next to the Pepe Jeans and Guess stores. And don’t worry about the noise of people walking around the mall: silence and concentration are guaranteed, because the cabins are individual and soundproof, to guarantee the best conditions for everyone who uses them. There’s only one thing you can’t do in there: eat.

“Being the first Center to offer individual workplace service to our visitors is, without a doubt, something we are very proud of. My Place to Work is an innovative offer that we believe will not only improve the experience of those who already visit us, but will also attract new customers,” said Paulo Gomes, director of Centro Colombo, in a press release.

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