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Meta, the company responsible for applications such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, always launches new functions on its platforms to improve the user experience. Recently, it launched, all at once, several new features for the registered users of the photo app.

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To make using the app more enjoyable for users, Instagram has released several new functions at once. Find out what they were! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What’s new on Instagram

The aim of Instagram’s new features is to improve the experience of users of the application. One of the novelties is the so-called “Silent Mode”, which emerged to help the productivity of users who cannot ignore app notifications.

In this way, the new tool gives the user the ability to establish times when the app will not send message notifications, tags, subscriber gains, likes or mentions. Thus, it is possible for users to better concentrate on studies or work, for example, without the anxiety of seeing the notifications that have arrived.

Another available tool displays the status of the user’s profile. In this sense, when trying to send a message to someone who has activated the silent mode, the user who tries to contact him will receive an automatic message informing him that at that moment the function is disabled.

Initially, Silent Mode will only be available to users in the United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Ireland. Any user will be able to access the novelty, and teenagers will receive a message reminding them to activate the mode after reaching a certain time of use in the application.

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New mode of application

At the same time, a new content recommendation model has also been designed, allowing you to hide different types of posts through the Explore tab. To do this, the user must click on the content and after that, the “Choose more” function will be displayed, so that the user can determine what he intends to see on the platform.

Apart from that, another novelty for the personalization of publications has been made available: that of choosing terms that the user wishes to hide so as not to have access to them when browsing. At this time, it will also be possible to hide certain hashtags or captions. To activate the feature, simply go to privacy settings and select the terms in the “Hidden words” section.

The option allows app users to select what they want to consume, as many contents appear as suggestions in the app, disturbing some people who are not interested in certain topics. Although these settings have not yet arrived in Brazil, they should be available later this year, both for Android users: how many iOS:

All changes are intended to make using the application more enjoyable for users, as the algorithms do not always agree on what is or is not interesting for everyone.

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