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Jury member of the 26th Alpe d’Huez International Comedian Film Festival, actor Antoine Bertrand talks to us about this great adventure in France and gives us his news.

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In January 2022, Antoine Bertrand is admitted to the Alpe d’Huez International Comedy Film Festival (FAH) to present French films there. Three times nothingby Nadège Loiseau, and I love what you do, by Philippe Guillard. He was accompanied by Louis Morissette and François Arnaud as well as director Ken Scott, for the Quebec feature film goodbye happiness.

A year after this great adventure, Antoine Bertrand is back at the FAH as a member of the jury alongside French actresses Camille Chamoux and Bérengère Krief as well as casting director and director Stéphane Foenkinos. The artist felt extremely privileged to participate in the festival by presiding over the year by her friend the French actress Karin Viard (The Aries family). “I met Karin in 2016, in the comedy The little tenant, which was directed by Nadège Loiseau. After this time, each time I go to Paris, we take the time to see each other. I even lived two seminaries at her place. We were roommates, so I can say that we get along well! She calls me “her little Quebec teenager” because she thinks I get up late.”

It is to this beautiful friendship that the artist owes his position as judge. “When the festival organizers submitted my name as a member of the jury, Karin pleaded in my favour. On my side, I said yes right away! This is how I went from simple festival-goer to judge.”

Reached by telephone direct from the French Alps, Antoine Bertrand says he is comfortable taking on this new mandate. “I am very lucky to be here! I’m not nervous. Until the festival closes on January 22, I’m listening to the 10 films in official competition. Each of them will be accompanied by a short film. I found it interesting to participate in a festival dedicated to comedy. It gives me the opportunity to rub shoulders with actors, writers and directors who, like me, know how much work it takes to make a good comedy.

The actor also plans to take some time for himself. “I will not be able to enjoy the Alps as much as I would like. Last year, I was able to ski, but this time, my role as a judge leaves me less free time. However, I love to ski! It’s the only sport where I’m faster than the others, because gravity works! he says, laughing.

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As soon as he returns home, Antoine Bertrand will continue filming the film Brother, by Bachir Bensaddek. The first feature film by the director of Algerian origin, Montreal the whitecame out in 2016. Brother tells the story of a French mother of Arab origin, living in Quebec for several years, who returns to France to settle accounts with her family. “As far as I am concerned, I play the role of Sylvain, the husband of the central character. So far, we’ve shot a block last fall and will resume filming this winter.” It is still too early to say when this film will be released.

In addition, Antoine Bertrand is more discreet about what awaits him in 2023. “Currently, I am busier on the cinema side and that makes me happy. I don’t have a career plan! I like to say that I play by ear and let my boat sail. However, it is certain that I will do television and theater again one day. I don’t know when, but in my head, it’s sure to happen! he concludes.

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