From now on, everyone will be able to send messages

There are many ways to use WhatsApp beyond just exchanging messages. This service has evolved and brought new tools to users, which elevate it even more and offer different functionalities than expected.

One of the most recent is the ability to send messages to each other, thus using WhatsApp as a notepad. It used to be limited, but now it’s open to all users, massively and ready to be exploited.

It is not complicated to find ways to exploit WhatsApp to use it with new features and functions for users. This Meta service is constantly updated and receives new features that take it to new levels.

The most recent novelty had already been unveiled and allows any user to send messages to themselves. This functionality was already possible, but required the user to perform a few additional steps, which were not easy.

Everything is now Easier, with that contact's presence at the top of any user's list. Just start a new conversation and the user will find their contact quickly accessible and ready to receive messages from them.

For the rest, just send messages, links, images, or videos the same way you would in any conversation. Just write and it seems to be read later, like a user's notebook.

whatsapp messages clean notepad

Also, like any other conversation, users can activate temporary messages, which are automatically deleted. It will be enough for the user to explore what is available and usable at any time in his own messages.

It's yet another example of how WhatsApp can be used for more than just sending and receiving messages. This bouquet of notes comes naturally, that it was created for this, just raising a novelty that is now finally being extended to all users in a massive way.

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