Indefensible: When a young actress completely steals the show

Adele was shouting loudly loudly at Jacob. I didn’t know what to do, I was scared daddy… And then, when she put him in the bath, he started screaming even louder. Worse, I blocked my ears. I haven’t been a good big sister. – Florian.

These are the words that resonated in the homes of Quebec on Thursday, as little Floriane explained to her father, in indefensiblethat she was scared the day her little brother lost his life, scarring our hearts a little in the process.

This scene, so well acted, completely stole the show on Thursday night’s episode. For this, we must thank the young actress Juliette Bourson, 7, who offers an absolutely heartbreaking performance in this story.

Her character, through her actions with her doll, seems to have the key to this mysterious story. From the beginning, we have been led to believe that it would be the stepmother, Adèle (Stéphanie Germain), who should have canceled the death of little Jacob. She seems, on the surface, not very inclined to this kind of behavior, but when her partner is out of sight, her attitude changes drastically. Is the production trying to put smoke in our eyes or is it really giving us good clues?

At 7 years old, little Juliette Bourson demonstrated exceptional sensitivity in this scene where she confides in her father, accompanied in a beautiful way by the actor Mathieu Quesnel who receives the confidences.

The young actress was seen previously in the Series breakups and Reasonable doubt. We will also see her in the role of Jeanne, in the Series Eyes closed, with Magalie Lépine-Blondeauwhich will soon be offered on ICi’s Extra.

So here is a talented young girl that we will enjoy watching shine and develop on our small screen.

Remember that viewers have some assumptions about Adèle’s story. Who do you think is guilty? The mother-in-law is mysterious, the father too naive, the mother sometimes irresponsible… a lot of material to generate hypotheses.

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