“We are not satisfied with certain decisions”

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Statements by Nuno Resende, coach of Benfica, after the 3-0 defeat against FC Porto, during a classic disputed at the Dragão Arena.

Analyze: “We lacked quality in the finish after the first goal. We gave a great response, we took control of the game, we created a lot of situations [para marcar] and, with our individual quality, you have to have the lucidity to score. We entered the second half well and we had a ball on the crossbar, but the lack of precision remained.

Arbitration: “We are not satisfied with some decisions [dos árbitros]. I remember two very clear penalties and it is surreal that the tenth foul did not appear [para o FC Porto] when there were so many contacts and fouls in our favor that went unscored while the score was still 1-0. There were no equal criteria.”

Negative side: “Then came the most negative side of our team. We cannot concede two goals after fouls in which we know what we have to do. We weakened, we let FC Porto shoot and then it becomes difficult.”

One more arbitration: “When you lose 3-0, I won’t say the referees had any influence on the result. What I’m saying is when it was 1-0 there were two situations in the box. [do FC Porto] which are clearly penalties.”

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