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Focus on the thriller “Erased Memory” by Julianne Moore and Dominic West, currently very popular on the Netflix platform.

Do you love thrillers and science fiction? Then the feature film Memory erased, carried in particular by Julianne Moore, Dominic West and Gary Sinise, is made for you! It is currently available on the Netflix platform, where it is enjoying great success.

Released in theaters in 2004, Erased Memory recounts an inexplicable event that occurs after the crash of a plane with a group of children on board: the memory of their existence completely disappears from society. It is as if they never existed, even for their close relatives. Only the mother of one of the victims kept the memory of her son intact…

It is a strange dream of screenwriter Gerald Di Pego who is at the origin of the scenario of Memory erased, a film particularly rich in twists and turns. One night, the American, to whom we also owe the stories of Phenomenon and Instinct, saw in his sleep a family photo showing a mother, a father and their young son.

Slowly the image began to fade, eventually disappearing. Gerald Di Pego reveals himself with a start. It was 6:30 a.m. The mysterious image continues to haunt him. Two hours later, he woke up his wife telling her “I think I have a story!”.

Julianne Moore: she has already filmed under the direction of a French director!

For the style of this film shot in New York, director Joseph Ruben, who notably signed Les Nuits avec mon ennemi, Le Bon fils and Money Train, established a set of visual rules from the outset. Wishing for a more beautiful icy atmosphere, with warm light only in the children’s rooms, he decided to use long focal lengths, to give a feeling of paranoia, the impression of being watched, as well as wide-angle lenses. to give a slightly distorted view of this world.

“For the color, we also removed everything, except in the scenes involving the children”says the American filmmaker. “There is no red in the film, except for the red in Julianne’s hair.”

The trailer for the thriller “Sharper”, starring Julianne Moore, available February 17 on Apple TV+:

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