THE BALL – Amaro Antunes has been informed of the changes to his biological passport and counts victories in the Tour at Risk (Cycling)

Amaro Antunes, winner of the Tour of Portugal in 2017 – after disqualification, for doping, of the Spaniard then teammate in the W52-FC Porto, Raul Alarcon -, 2020 and 2021, announced in a press release the end of his career, affirming lack of motivation.

The cyclist, who was the only member of W52-FC Porto who was not charged in the investigation by the Public Ministry, the Judicial Police and the ADoP, launched on April 24, 2022, claims that the farewell will not does not go as he had planned. .

Without calling into question the reasons which would have led Amaro Antunes to leave professional cycling prematurely, A BOLA knows that the cyclist was notified by the UCI for changes recorded in his biological passport, a situation which may have contributed to the decision taken. .

The penalty of suspension proposed to the cyclist by the LADS (Anti-Doping Legal Service), which can range from four to six years, was transmitted to the rider, who, with his representative, had a deadline to respond if he agreed. or not. , given that it is a situation imposed by the legislation which makes it mandatory to hear the opinion of the athlete. The final decision on the case belongs to the UCI Anti-Doping Tribunal which, after analysis of the LADS file, which includes all the data relating to the biological passport and the final version of the cyclist, applies the corresponding sanction, which in these cases depends depending on whether the offender admits and recognizes the doping or not, to which is added the cancellation of the sports results from the first offense, the imposition of a pecuniary fine, which in certain situations is aggravated by procedural costs.

ABTF Betão-Feirense, the team he started representing in October, announced the termination of his contract with Amaro Antunes by mutual agreement.

Three Volta victories against Portugal threatened

If the new advance by A BOLA is confirmed, it could lead to the suspension of Amaro Antunes by the UCI and the cancellation of the sports results of the rider since the first offense recorded in the biological passport.

Thus, the victories of the Volta a Portugal of 2017, 2020 and 2021 will be threatened, depending on the date determined in the possible sanction. The situation could force the Portuguese Cycling Federation (FPC) to review the classification, and it is not excluded that the 2017, 2018, 2020 and 2021 editions of the race did not have a winner, as has happened. produced in the Tour de France, with the cancellation of the seven triumphs of Lance Armstrong (1999 and 2005), due to the famous doping scandal.

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