Google Pixel Fold: meets the mold of the Galaxy Z Fold4 rival

The first foldable smartphone with the “seal” of Google is expected for this year 2023. The so-called Google Pixel Fold has already appeared online, in renderings with its alleged design in the past.

But now we are going further in the discovery of this future equipment. Indeed, the popular YouTuber Dave Lee had access to a dummy model (mold) of the smartphone.

This is a mold designed for cover brands to start producing covers for the device. In this case, we do not see any type of material, but the great importance is to understand its size and the quality of the bend area.

As Dave Lee shows in the video, there has always been a small gap in the Galaxy Fold’s folding area. But in the case of this Pixel Fold, it shouldn’t be like that.

Google Pixel Fold should not have empty space in the folding area

As noted, this will have a folding approach similar to Oppo’s folding. Which means that you should expect the same space between the two folded parts.

What is clear from this mold is that the device can be quite thin. As stated, it will only be 5.7mm when unfolded. Something inferior to the already established Galaxy Z Fold4.

google pixel crease
Source: Front Page Tech

Another important detail, when folded, the Pixel Fold should have a 5.79-inch larger screen than Samsung’s rival. And the same thing happens when it is unfolded.

This mold gives us an idea of ​​what the Pixel Fold will look like when it launches. But we have to wait for more details, like the official launch date.

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