There is a platform to cancel contracts

The new Electronic Communications Act (ECL) came into effect, generally, on November 14, 2022. The rules have changed, with somepenalties that became mandatory for operators to insure on January 13, 2023 and which relate to the sums to be paid in the event of early termination of contracts.

Did you know that there is already a platform for terminating communication contracts?

The contract termination platform is now available. This platform constitutes a means by which the particular consumer/user can make termination of electronic communications contractsas provided for in article 138 of Law 16/2022, of August 16, which approves the Electronic Communications Law.

Currently, the platform only allows the consumer to terminate their contract through the complaint. In a second phase, to be implemented by September 30, 2023, said platform will also allow:

  • submit requests for the suspension of contracts;
  • submit requests for cancellation of contracts due to their expiration or termination;
  • notification of the death of the contract holder.

This platform is intended for all consumers (non-professionals) who have an electronic communications contract, with or without fidelity, and who wish to terminate it, by denouncing it.

According to the information available on the Contract Termination Platform, a contract termination corresponds to a form of termination of lasting performance contracts, without delay, without the need to present proof. It must be effected by a communication from the party who does not wish the contract to continue, addressed to the other party (declaration of termination), within a reasonable time before the date on which it is intended to terminate the contract.

Contract termination platform

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