MB WAY: What are the limits for sending and receiving money?

MB WAY is the Multibanco solution that allows you to make instant transfers, online and physical purchases, generate MB NET virtual cards and even withdraw money via your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Know the limits for sending and receiving money.

MB WAY: You can only receive 50 transfers per month

Unfortunately, MB WAY has certain limits for sending or receiving money. The limits set, both for receiving and sending money, are as follows:

  • Maximum ceiling of €750 per transaction
  • Maximum ceiling of €2,500 received and sent per month
  • Maximum limit of 50 transfers received per month

Also note that it is possible to make withdrawals with MB WAY. MB WAY withdrawals are free for the user. This type of transaction is subject to the same rules applicable to card withdrawals on the MULTIBANCO Network.

The amounts available for withdrawal are in multiples of 10, within the limit of €200 maximum per transaction. Don't forget that you can withdraw up to €400 per day at MULTIBANCO.

You can also generate as many codes as you wish, within the limit of a maximum daily withdrawal limit of €400 at MULTIBANCO.

Regarding money requests, you can make 5 requests per day and a maximum of 20 requests per month. The general MB WAY limits for receiving money also apply, which are €2,500 or 50 transfers received per month.

As for splitting the account among multiple people, you can split the account with 14 people from your contact list. Contacts receive a notification to accept your account split request. For contacts who are not MB WAY, you can send them an SMS inviting them to join the service.

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