THE BALL – The right side is on the agenda to prevent Porro from leaving (Sporting)

Tottenham will go ahead with a proposal for Pedro Porro but know that just for the value of the termination clause, 45 million euros, they are taking the 23-year-old right-back.

If that happens, the Leonine administration should move towards hiring a full-back to join Ricardo Esgaio and Gonçalo Esteves, currently the two alternatives to the Spain international sportinguista.

From England comes a strong harassment to Pedro Porro. From Chelsea too, as A BOLA said, but above all from Tottenham, because we have also been advancing since the first hour. In this sense, after tomorrow’s derby, which at this stage focuses all attention on Alvalade, it is expected that Spurs will present a proposal for the number 24 of the greens and whites, it remains to be seen if he reached the value that the leonine administration has already made known that it is available to let out the service.

The departure of Pedro Porro, who at this stage, given Tottenham’s desire, is even on the table as a possibility, will force the lions to look to the market for a player who can play on the right wing, as Amorim , despite all the confidence he places in Ricardo Esgaio and the young Gonçalo Esteves, he will need a more coherent option for the position, always thinking not only of the immediate but also of the future, that is- ie a player who will be an alternative for many seasons with a lion on his chest.

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