A new way to turn off Xboxes is eco-friendly and saves energy

More and more, we are all called to change our lives and our habits in order to help the environment to be more sustainable. From household recycling to discovering new, greener modes of transportation, it’s something we should all be committed to.

At the commercial and industrial level, this awareness is also quite avoidant. In this sense, the latest information from the gaming world indicates that Microsoft has launched a new update for its Xbox consoles to offer a new eco-friendly shutdown mode to help save energy.

New Xbox Shutdown Is More Eco-Friendly

According to the latest gaming industry news, the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles have received a new update to make these devices even more environmentally friendly. Specifically, Microsoft has added a new console shutdown option that will save you even more power. The announcement was made via console dedicated blog.

In short, this improvement ends up letting the equipment know that it can spend less energy when it is not active and being used by the player. The new closing mode thus makes it possible to spend less energy compared to standby mode.

In other words, we can even say that it will be the first console “aware” of the problem of the carbon footprint and ready to contribute to alleviating it.

According to the data revealed, the new shutdown option manages to consume 20% less energy compared to standby mode. That said, every two Xbox Series X/S consoles in this mode is like planting and growing a tree for about 10 years.

This measure and others are really urgent so that we can all contribute to the solution of a problem on which we still find a lot of resistance to change.

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