‘We were boys’: reactions to FC Porto’s draw with Casa Pia – FC Porto

Record heard from known dragon fans

FC Porto “slipped” on Saturday during the visit to Casa Pia, in the 0-0 draw, even playing on the power play in the second half of the Bwin League 15th round game, seeing Benfica “escape” again. Record heard from well-known Eagles fans about the game.Nuno Encarnacão (manager): “FC Porto couldn’t miss this game and they did. The art of good defense prevailed over the art of failure. Only one goal.”

Manuel Serrão (businessman): Benfica lost points and won arguidos. We are responsible for having lost 2 points. We were boys against Casa Pia. We may have lost today [ontem] the championship. There was a lot of quantity in attack but little quality.”

Cristiano Pereira (former hockey coach): “It was a very strange game and I did not expect this result. FC Porto were not on the pitch in the first half. In the second half there was no class to win the match, despite the many chances created. It turned out to be a disappointment.”

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