Newspaper suggests Lula government tracking unvaccinated people

In an editorial published on Monday 2, The globe recommended to President Lula (PT) “to look for the non-vaccinated”. In addition to advertising campaigns for vaccination, the newspaper defended a more “active” position of the government.

“You have to go to the families’ homes or take advantage of the times when the citizen is in contact with State agents, whether it’s when registering for benefits, looking for health training, enrolling in a public school, obtaining a passport or reporting for compulsory military service,” the vehicle suggested.

Second The globe“no opportunity can be lost to convince resistants that vaccines are reliable and can prevent death or lifelong dramatic sequelae (as in the case of poliomyelitis)”.

To justify the hunt for unvaccinated people, the newspaper reports that only half of the population has taken the booster dose (about 170 million people): “It is not surprising that more than 150 people are still dying from covid- 19 every day and more than 30,000 cases are diagnosed”.

The globe also said that there was a decline in polio vaccination coverage, which would have dropped from 85% in 2016 to 70% in 2021. %, during the same period. Pentavalent Na — against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B and bacteria Haemophilus influenza type b —, the decline was 90% to 70%.

“There is an urgent need for the new government to create programs to go after Brazilians who do not get vaccinated, risking getting sick and dying from preventable diseases,” defended the newspaper. “Giving in to ignorance is an inadmissible setback.” The publication also attacked President Jair Bolsonaro’s government, calling it “the negligence of others”, responsible for alleged “ills”.

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