Health warns of the importance of vaccinating dogs and cats against rabies

The Drª Rosemary Costa Pinto Health Watch Foundation (FVS-RCP), attached to the State Secretariat for Health (SES-AM), alerts the population to the importance of being vaccinated against rabies in dogs and cats . The municipal health networks carry out anti-rabies campaigns and it is necessary to find out about the operation and access to vaccines.

Vaccination is essential and protects the population against infection with the rabies virus which transmits rabies to humans. The vaccination coverage target for the rabies vaccine, recommended by the Ministry of Health, is at least 80% for dogs and 100% for cats.

In 2021, Amazonas reached 81% of the canine population and 100% of the felines vaccinated. In 2022, partial data submitted by the municipalities indicates that the State should again achieve the objective. However, the figures depend on the closure of municipal campaigns.

Deugles Cardoso, Veterinarian and Zoonosis Officer, Department of Environmental Surveillance and Disease Control of the FVS-RCP (GZ/DVA/FVS-RCP), emphasizes the importance of annual vaccination. “It is important to emphasize that this is how we manage to control rabies in the urban cycle,” he said.

The campaign is going from house to house, however, Deugles stresses that it is possible to get vaccinated whatever the period. “Even when the official campaign ends, the vaccine becomes part of the routine of municipal zoonosis services, which keep stocks and can serve the population,” he said.

A service

In the event of aggression by any mammalian animal, whether wild or in an urban environment, the person attacked must immediately go to a Basic Health Unit (UBS) and report the incident.

The case will be notified in the notifiable disease information system (Sinan) of the Ministry of Health and the treatment of the patient will be initiated with a vaccine or with serum and a vaccine, depending on the location and the type of disease. aggressor animal.

At the health office, the patient will be assessed so that the appropriate type and duration of treatment for the situation can be prescribed.

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