Fortnite gets Guardian Shield and mid-season items

On Tuesday (3), Epic Games brought two news to players of Fortnite. In addition to activating the Guardian Shield, one of the main innovations in Battle Royale combat, mid-season items have been released.

The Guardian Shield can be found in Sworn Chests. Its benefit is to create a large area in front of your character, preventing them and their squad from taking damage while the item is active — the barrier created has a time duration.

It’s already been shown in the Chapter 4: Season 1 trailer. Check out how it works:

As for the Fortnite Mid-Season items, they are oriented towards the cosmetics offered in the Battle Pass. Epic Games explains it this way on the official website:

Starting this week, earn 10 account levels to receive a new Selena look. Keep earning Account Levels over the next four weeks to receive more mid-season items for Massai, Doom Slayer, Dudley, and Nezumi.

Fortnite Mid-Season Items
(Source: Epic Games)

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