It’s the beginning of the year 2023 and it will bode well for most zodiac signs. But some zodiac signs will be luckier in this new year. Mars will be direct again in the sign of Gemini from January 12 to Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck and opportunities will be in Aries then in Taurus from May 16… What a good way to start the year!

Which zodiac signs will be happy in 2023?

Many changes await Zodiac signs during this year 2023. In addition, Saturn in Pisces on March 7 and Pluto in Aquarius on March 23 will bring structure and discipline to the signs of the zodiac but also certain transformations in their lives.


The sign of Taurus

The sign of Taurus. Source: spm

Taurus will be very lucky in 2023. They will seize every opportunity to succeed in their professional projects. The natives of this earth sign will not be afraid to take risks and embark on new projects. Create, work, meet new people… This year will be ideal for Taurus. All efforts will be rewarded and they will see their income increase. On May 16, Jupiter enters the sign of Taurus. This is when Taurus will be more optimistic and idealistic and this will bring them the stability they seek. With Saturn in Pisces, Taurus will be more focused and will have the discipline to pursue their dreams. This transit will help them build their future visions and take new initiatives. They will be guided and supported by the stars and will be able to take all the risks. In love, Taurus could also meet their soul mate and live a very happy story.


The sign of Aries

The sign of Aries. Source: spm

Jupiter in Aries will be very positive for the natives of this sign of Fire and will be favorable to their personal development. They will have the confidence to venture into the unknown and pull off a series of events that could bring them closer to success. When Jupiter transits the sign of Taurus from May 16, the influence of Taurus will be concentrated on the material aspect and stability of Aries. It will be a good amount for their finances and their confidence will only increase. Saturn in Pisces will make Aries take care of themselves. It will be a time of healing, spirituality and deep introspection. They could spend time alone to be with themselves. They could experience a significant change in their lives within their social networks and personal affairs.


The sign of Capricorn

The sign of Capricorn. Source: spm

Capricorns will have to listen to their hearts more during this new year. Saturn in Pisces will bring them stability and structure in the communication sector, which will be positive for developing their network and improving a skill that interests them. Their way of communicating will be more fluid and Capricorns could improve their relationship with their loved ones. Jupiter in Taurus will also bring them a lot of luck and they will have new opportunities in their house of love, passion and self-expression. They might have to start a family or embark on a love affair that excites them. Jupiter in Taurus will influence them to create enough space in their private life to enjoy good times with family and to grow personally. In love, Capricorns will also be more open and may have a more sensual love language. Romantic experiences make them dream and they could meet interesting people. This year, Capricorns will have plenty to celebrate in life, and they will be grateful for all the blessings they are about to receive. They will succeed in building a new stability in their life and finally find the balance between their professional and romantic life. They could finally lose the grip.

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