Cash vouchers give 3.5% from March

After years forgotten by investors, 2022 sees a rush for cash vouchers. Net subscriptions from redemptions reached €5.24 billion in November, more than 200 times the total for 2021. Capital.

With the surge in Euribor rates last year, the basic gross interest rate for new subscriptions to Bons d’Epargne rose from 0.41% in January to 2.84% in December. And it will continue to rise. Given the outlook for the financial markets for the 3-month Euribor, this rate will reach the planned ceiling of 3.5% from March. And it will remain there at least until 2027. A value to which are added tenure bonuses and which is much higher than that obtained in new subscriptions to treasury certificates or bank deposits. But for now it does not compensate for inflation.

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