Sofia Vergara, 50, turned up the heat by switching up her hottie body in a black bikini

Sofia Vergara, 50, did not put a big sweater or down jacket in his suitcase before going on vacation. The Colombian actress was content to travel light. A few dresses and bathing suits did the trick, it must be said that for the holidays, she preferred to aim for the beach and the sun rather than the ski slopes (cleared of snow) and the greyness. Good pick. It is therefore somewhere in the Caribbean – a secret place she calls Casa Chipi Chipi and only accessible by seaplane – that the ex-Gloria de modern family enjoy the last days of 2022. In family and epidemic with her husband, Joe Manganiello. The couple did not just celebrate Christmas with their loved ones, the gentleman also celebrated his 46th birthday on December 28. And in what way!

Sofia Vergara warms up her fans

In a first message posted on Instagram, Sofia Vergara shared a photo of the man of her life, shirtless, all smiles, at the beach: “Happy birthday my love, 2023 will be an amazing year for you”commented on the one who was, for several years, one of the highest paid actresses of the small screen. But the actress was not satisfied with that. A few hours later, she shared another snapshot, this time of her in a bathing suit. UN black bikini of the most beautiful effect.

Because with this selfie taken in front of a mirror, Sofia shows us how sexy she still is. The 50-year-old displays a dream body and the actress’s fans are amazed: ” But what is his secret ? “, ” That she is beautiful ! “, “My son thinks you are 20 years old! », « You are certainly one of the most beautiful women who are », they enthuse. Comments that should go straight to the heart of Sofia… and Joe!

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