Brigitte Boisjoli talks about her difficult passage in her forties

In May, Brigitte Boisjoli launches the song Lie to me, a taste of what will be his next album, which will consist of original songs written by him. Newly, the singer invited us on the set of the videoclip of her second extract, Let, which will be released in mid-January.

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Bridget, how are you?
I’m doing well. Things are going pretty well these days, since I’m finishing my album. I miss a song and a half; I am working on it. We had six songs already recorded and I was missing four, so we went back to the studio to finish them. Normally by the end of December everything should be done and the heavy lifting will be behind us. So I’m in the last blitz, on top of my tour month 40 years which is still rolling.

What can we expect from this next album?
It will be a very personal album. This dial is my whole life: among other things, I discuss my good shots and my less good ones, my way of getting up or not getting up… It will be a very human album and I think people will find there. There’s a song about a toxic relationship, another for my daughter, Charlie, another about emotional addiction, and also a song about both verbal and physical domestic violence. I’m also speaking for the first time about my father, I haven’t seen for several years. It’s an album that arouses a lot of emotions in me; it’s a beautiful personal challenge that I set myself. I wrote 14 songs for this record, but I’ll keep only 10. I also participated in the composition of the melodies with my producer, Jay Lefebvre. There will be a very vintage sound, a bit like Amy Winehouse but in French. The album is scheduled for release on March 31.

tell me about the song
Letwhose music video you are shooting.
The text speaks of departures. I wrote it to deal with a defining moment in my life: the departure of my father. This one did not die, but he chose to change his life and live without my sister and me. It’s not a sad song, it’s even a bit “jazzy”. It tells how I got out of it. It’s like the end of therapy for me; I’m very accepting and resilient. It had to be good and it did me good. For the music video, I called on the same team as for my play forbidden fruit, that is to say the directors Momo and Crila. I opted for a Marilyn Monroe pin-up look and I’m having fun. There is a side very cartoon and very feminine in this clip.

Photo: Julien Faugere

Photo: Julien Faugere

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Writing a song for his father who is gone, is it a fazn to reach out to him?
No. I don’t expect anything from him. It’s more of a way to turn the page. I think my dad is happy where he is now, and my sister and I are too, and so are our kids. This is what is important.

You asked for your 40th birthday in September. Comment on this?
It was difficult. I digested it badly to the point of making it a little depressed. I had a midlife crisis; I even think that I am still a little in there. I questioned myself about a lot of things, I shook up several things in my life. I even had a hair crisis: I had my hair cut short and I became blonde again. I regretted it so much that I cried!

You love the holidays. What will it apply to you this year? It’s been a while since my daughter and I made our tree. It is very special, since our theme was a white tree with pink decorations. It’s intense: there’s a sausage dog, an astronaut rat, ice cream, cotton candy… This year, I have people at home a few times. Otherwise, it will be a lot of walking and snowshoeing in the woods to recharge my batteries. And we’re planning a little mother-daughter trip down south in March.

How’s Charlie going?
Things are going well. She is now five years old, going to school and adapting well. Looks like she’s already a big girl, she’s very mature. She changes so fast! I had my first parent meeting and I couldn’t believe it. She talks a lot and is very talkative. I’m doing very well at school.

In closing, what awaits you for the year 2023?
I think this will be the year of a new lease of life musically. It will also be a great year of touring with my new material; I can not wait. I also wish health to my daughter and me. We’ve both been so sick this year… And I also want to balance my work and my family life.

The song Let and its music video will be available on January 13.
Brigitte’s new album, whose title has not yet been revealed, will be released on March 31.
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