Would Patrick Benoit like to replace Gino Chouinard at the helm of Salut Bonjour?

The stages of mourning have already begun for the team of Greetings Hello who, it should be remembered, will lose son captain, son “big brother”, in June 2024?? Gino Chouinard hasn’t left yet, he hosted TVA’s early mornings for another year and a half, but his colleagues are already saddened to anticipate goodbye to their helmsman.

Patrick Benoit, the show’s traffic columnist, spoke for the whole gang when he spoke to showbizz.net of the current atmosphere behind the scenes of Greetings Hello??

?? We are still in denial “, he admitted. ?? On one had the shock. We had a little pain, a little anger… We are in the refusal?? ??

?? To be honest, it was a shock to everyone. We were really shaken up. It is truly a member of the family who is leaving. He’s the dad, the big brother. Gino is so enveloping! It’s in his personality. Us, when we meet in the morning, we are like family, and a family is a “safe space” [espace sécurisant, NDLR]?? He told us that a year and a half in advance, the time to get used to it and that the public gets used to it too. We don’t think about it day to day, but sometimes we have little flashes. It’s sure that everything ends at some point, but to know it, it’s a little mourning “, the chained Patrick.

The name of the latter has been mentioned here and there among the suggestions of potential successors to Gino Chouinard. How does Patrick Benoit react to this mark of appreciation? Would he like to take up the challenge of becoming the next driver of the big train that is Greetings Hello and continue the line of Gino Chouinard, Benoit Gagnon and Guy Mongrain before him?

“I’m doing this job after 28 years, and I never had a career plan. I did a lot of radio. I had Nunca planned to go one day to ”Salut Bonjour”, and I ended up there. I think there are so many talents in Quebec who could do the job! a maybe, thereupon, who would not like to get up too early! (To smile) It’s still a big challenge and, when you sign at the bottom of the contract, it’s part of the job a thoughtful interest aloud.

?? It makes me happy if my name comes out, but we’ll see in that time. I’m a guy of challenges, it’s very flattering, but we’re still far from it. I don’t think about that at all “, said the one who has been driving for five seasons The Car Guide AcademyI always think AIR Volariaat TVA Sports.

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Great admirers of Cirque du Soleil, Patrick Benoit and his wife attended the premiere of cut it, at the Bell Center, a few days ago. See a photo of them below. Back to the event here.

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