Can we sleep with the Mi Band 7 bracelet?

One of the most popular smart devices in recent years, the Mi Band Smart Band provides various conditions for users to monitor their health and routine with style and convenience.

And the launch of the Mi Band 7 bracelet in 2022 brings even more attractive advantages, including improved screenagile functions and the important feature of sleep to contribute to consumers’ quality of life.

These smart accessories stand out with many accessibility features that conventional watches do not have. When purchasing an intermediate or higher model, it is possible to record data for dozens of physical exercisesmeasure heart rate and blood oxygen levels, track menstrual cycle and women’s health information, as well as control music, calls, volume and social apps from smartphones and devices connected.

In addition, the smartband has many customization options. Through the proprietary application, it is possible to change the display information presented by the interface, while the bracelet can be exchanged for models of various colors and patterns. Other novelties are the sealing properties, the high impact resistance and the durability of the battery, which gives cost-effective differentials.

Is it possible to use the smartband while sleeping?

The smart bracelet is designed to accompany the user at any time of their day. That said, it is possible to get the most out of the accessoryespecially during sleeping hours, as it is able to record information that can help not only improve stress levels and performance for the rest of the day, but also how consumers manage their routine and plan their activities.

Thanks to an app, the times of light sleep and heavy sleep are documented, how much rest time the Smartband owner hadthe impact of these times on body stress levels and other relevant data.

It should be remembered that the latest model from Xiaomi, the Mi Band 7 bracelet, combines sleep monitoring with the calculation of heart rate and blood oxygenation. so he provides a complete diagnosis so that the user can take care of him safely, independently and scientifically validated.

All this is possible thanks to a sensor located on the back of the accessory, where it comes into contact with the wrist. Thus, the technology guarantees authentic and accurate data without harming the body or activities resulting from home, gym, leisure and other services.

Options for Xiaomi smart bracelets with sleep monitor

1. Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smart Band

17% Off

Image: Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smart Band

Image: Tecmundo recommends

Mi Band 5 features wireless charging, larger screen than Mi Band 4, updated health monitoring sensors, up to 14 days battery life and much more.


With a 1.1″ AMOLED color touchscreen, the Mi Band 5 is a cost-effective smart device with plenty of customization options.

Protected by tempered glass and waterproof, the model is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 to ensure maximum connection stability. Additionally, the Mi Ban 5 access data collected from more than 11 exercisescalculates heart rate and provides menstrual cycle data.

Ideal for walking, aerobics and strength training, this bracelet from Xiaomi supports up to 14 days of heavy duty battery life?? This estimate takes into account connectivity with smartphone music, sending real-time notifications and a training score mechanism for more demanding and active users.

2. Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Smart Band

49% Off

Image: Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Smart Band

Image: Tecmundo recommends

The smartband features a 1.56″ AMOLED display and identification and monitoring capabilities for up to 30 different activities using the brand’s app.


Fully charged in just two hours, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 bracelet is a high-performance element that makes all the difference in the user’s routine. It comes with a 49% larger screen than the previous model and combines with a Maximum resolution of 326 DPI to deliver sharp images.

Physical performance monitoring has been extended to 30 modalities and includes pilates, zumba, basketball, boxing and the classic activities of hiking, biking, elliptical and more.

The Smartband also displays information about calories burned, blood saturation, heart rate, sleep qualitystress and breathing levels, sending daily reports to the app to keep the user’s body and mind up to date.

3. Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Smart Band

22% Off

Image: Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Smart Band

Image: Tecmundo recommends

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 7 Smartband features a 1.62″ AMOLED display, 120 workout modes, and heart rate, sleep, and pressure monitoring.


The Mi Band 7 wristband comes with a 25% larger screen than the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 and comes with a 1.62 inch AMOLED display with over 100 levels of brightness.

In addition to the customization settings and monitoring functions of the previous models, the most advanced version supports over 110 physical activitiestraining load analysis and physical recovery functions.

through the appit is possible to set goals and check immediate and real-time information?? Finally, the bracelet comes with deep breath tracking, connected smartphone unlocking and identification actions and many state-of-the-art novelties.

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