This Very Weird Winter Coat Is The Latest Celebrity Fad

A certain designer winter coat is currently causing controversy and many are wondering why celebrities are snapping it up. What makes so much talk? The funny silhouette of the coat that wanted him unflattering comparisons.

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New to a place where winter has already arrived, Kendall has chosen to keep warm with this rather original coat from the Loewe brand.

InstagramKendall Jenner

The coat blower prestige of the one who walked around without pants a few weeks ago costs a small amount from $7,750 USD, or about $10,000 in Canada!

The main interested part of the look on Instagram and, quickly, the comments were mixed.

While some love the look (“yellow stonemore fashion!”), others found the coat too strange for their taste.

Some even went so far as to say that they boiled down to the coat going back to a part of the male anatomy…

Screenshot/Instagram Kendall Jenner

In short, another Kendall Jenner look that got people talking and, as they say, “speak well, speak badly, but speak about it!” »

But Kendall isn’t the only one loving this boldly silhouetted coat. Her friend, Hailey Bieber, was seen a few days later in the same room, this time in black.

CG pictures

Despite its oversized pear shape which is difficult to wear, this mat seems to be unanimous among celebrities!

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