his relatives give disturbing news

Celine Dion: her relatives give disturbing news

Celine Dion at worst.

The Quebec singer must follow a very harmful treatment.

After that Celine Dion announced on his Instagram account the cancellation of his tour because of his illness which prevents him from performing on stage, fans of the Canadian star are very worried. This Thursday, December 15, several relatives and friends expressed themselves in the pages of Gala to give news of the singer. This is the case of Gilbert Coullier who is the former producer of Céline’s French shows and his friend ??

??Stiff man syndrome, few people know what she really has because it’s a bit ‘top secret’?? But what is certain is that Céline has always lived for her work. Knowing her, I know she probably wants to find her audience as soon as possible because she has a special connection with them. She is completely sincere. He is one of the few people I know who is the same in professional life and in private life. The only one who has chosen who can come before her work in her life is her children.”

Comments that his wife, Nicole Coullier agrees, adding that the star “has endured a lot in recent years”?? Professor Psimaras made revelations about the harmful treatment that the singer should follow I still have side effects:

“SIf there is no associated cancer, the disease can be regressed or stabilized, which does not directly affect the voice but can cause difficulty in sucking due to painful chest contractions. It is not uncommon for the patient to lose morale, but anxiety or even depression are an integral part of the therapeutic management.”

Indeed, in addition to her health problems, the singer had to face a succession of tragedies, including the death of her husband René Angélil and of his mother Therese. In addition to his relatives, some singing stars have also given their support to the mother of three waiters it’s the case from Adèle who left her a message during her concert in Las Vegas ??

We wish him a good recovery!

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