“Morocco-Portugal? Ronaldo did not even have the dignity to congratulate the opposing players” – Journal de CR7

Former German midfielder Dietmar Hamann highlights Moroccans’ attitude after the final whistle of defeat to France

Former German midfielder Dietmar Hamann has criticized Cristiano Ronaldo’s attitude in the match between Portugal and Morocco quarter-finals of the World Cup, aiming for the posture of the Portuguese star who, after the final whistle, “could not go and congratulate” his opponent. “We talk about these superstars, these top players, and there was a great player who left this same scene a week ago, Cristiano Ronaldo. He couldn’t congratulate the Moroccan players at the end of the game. “, he told ‘RTE’ the former international on 59 occasions.


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And he added: “The Moroccan team won this match, they did something historic. And he didn’t even have the dignity to congratulate them for what they had just achieved. And now we let’s watch them and the way they’ll shake hands with their late-game Frenchman, and the dignified and gracious manner in which they accept defeat. Great,” he concluded.

Remember that by beating Morocco this Wednesday (2-0)France has secured passage to the World Cup final, where it will face Argentina on Sunday at 3 p.m.

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