THE BALL – Neemias makes his debut, but loses the talisman effect (NBA)

In a good G-League scheme, Neemias Queta was called up last night for the first time by Sacramento Kings coach Mike Brown for an NBA regular phase game this season. The Portuguese center traveled with the team to Philadelphia to face the Sixers, but ended up being just 2.22 minutes on the field in the first period.

He assisted for Harrison Barnes at a time when the scoreboard was still registering some balance (13-12 for the Kings) and got a rebound, but quickly racked up three fouls, so he returned to the bench replacements.

Driven by yet another fine performance from Joel Embiid (31 points) and with the help of James Harden (21 points, 15 assists), the Sixers took the lead in the second half (41-23), securing a comfortable lead before the break (80-55!). Neemias gained a few more seconds in the second half, but didn’t come on again in the second half.

In the end, the Kings lost 103-123 in Neemias Queta’s NBA debut this season, having helped the team win every preseason game he appeared in.

The 23-year-old Portuguese is expected to follow with the entourage in Toronto where the Kings will have a goalscoring duel with the Raptors the next morning.


LA Lakers – Boston 118 – 122 (aet)

Utah Jazz – New Orleans Pelicans, 121 – 100

Houston Rockets-Phoenix Suns, 111-97

Philadelphia 76ers – Sacramento Kings, 123 – 103

Milwaukee Bucks-Golden State Warriors, 128-111

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