“There is a player who no longer went to Qatar”

O Former Spain national team manager Luis Enrique took part in a long chat with streamer Ibai Llanos on Twitch on Tuesday, in which he gave an update on the Spanish national team’s participation in the FIFA World Cup. world.

Now out of work, Luis Enrique assumes that if it were today he would have made a change to the squad that led to the 2022 World Cup.

“Of the 26 I took to Worlds, I left one out and took another. Now I can say that, although I’m not saying who would leave and who would take his place. . There was one that I would have liked to take and another that I took that, after seeing it was not what I expected”, launched the former Spanish coach, who again regretted not having granted more playing time to Sarabia.

“I should have given him more minutes. I saw him well in training. If it was now, I would have put him in the starting XI. I’m not one of those people who It is possible that we would have lost anyway. Everything has reversed”, underlined Luis Enrique.

On the future, the 52-year-old says the goal at the moment is to form a team.

“I want to train, I want to lead a club and you can develop with more quality what I failed to do in the Spanish national team. This stage is over and I will definitely wait for next season I can announce that this morning I signed up for a mountain bike race and I will go with my brother,” he said.

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