Microsoft signs deal to keep Call of Duty on Switch for 10 years

The controversy over the takeover of creator Activision Blizzard from Microsoft and other big names in the video game industry continues. As we’ve said here many times, the problem is that these same companies in the industry may run out of the popular Call of Duty game.

However, Microsoft recently made available the sign a contract to keep CoD on Sony platforms for another 10 years. And the latest information now shows that the company has signed a similar contract, but this time with Nintendo so that the title does not leave the Switch console and remains there for 10 years.

Call of Duty will be on Nintendo Switch for at least another 10 years

Microsoft's intention to buy Activision Blizzard for $60 billion generated huge controversy in the gaming world. Many companies, especially Sony, are very reluctant to the deal and fear losing the availability of some of the most popular titles on their platforms. Call of Duty is undoubtedly the title at the center of this fear, which has already motivated this acquisition to begin to be investigated by the US government. United States and also by UK🇧🇷

After several attempts to ensure the game remained on rival platforms, it looks like the Redmond company has now had to do it more formally. So, similar to what happened with SonyMicrosoft has signed too a contract with Nintendo that guarantees that the Call of Duty game will be and remain on the Switch console for another 10 years, once the purchase from Activision is finalized.

In addition to trying to rest rival companies with this attitude, Microsoft also hopes to cement the idea that it wants this game and other games from creator Activision to continue to reach more players and platforms.

As such, we have to wait for new developments on this topic, in particular on the outcome of the investigations underway by the regulatory authorities in several countries.

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