Three districts concentrate 35% of dengue mosquito epidemics

The latest update of the Dengue Bulletin published by the Municipal Health Department of Jaraguá do Sul showed that most of the breeding points of the mosquito that transmits the disease (Aedes aegypti) are concentrated in three neighborhoods of the city. Nearly 35% of outbreaks are in the Centro, Vila Nova and Ilha da Figueira neighborhoods.

1,103 outbreaks of the Aedes aegypti mosquito have been discovered in the city. Spotlights are larvae of the Aedes aegypti mosquito found in containers with plain water, which may be in potted planters, aquatic plants, drains, bottle caps, bromeliads, tires, gutters and in traps set up by the Zoonoses team of the Department of Health.

The bulletin also highlighted the existence of 544 suspected and 70 confirmed cases. 20 other cases are under investigation and 454 have been ruled out/negative. The director of health surveillance, Dalton Fernando Fischer, recalls that the situation in the municipality is worrying. “Hence the need to create new strategies to educate citizens about eliminating possible dengue mosquito outbreaks.”

The central region of Jaraguá do Sul leads with 149 households, then Vila Nova with 120, Ilha da Figueira (118), Vila Lenzi (87), Nova Brasília (77), Chico de Paulo (73), Vila Lalau (72 ), Czerniewicz (61), Tifa Martins (46) and Left Jaraguá (45).

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