Power cut plan makes electric cars the first victims

With an energy crisis expected this winter, many countries in Europe have plans for this situation and Switzerland seems to be one of them. This situation could be very complicated in certain scenarios and the measures are now beginning to be known.

In the case of Switzerland, and what has been reported, this plan has several well-defined phases and one of the first is to limit electric cars and their use. The plan goes further and may even apply restrictions on streaming services and other technological devices.

switzerland energy flat phase electric

Switzerland is preparing for a power outage

The war in Ukraine has caused a lot of problems for countries in Europe, which are heavily dependent on energy supplied by Russia. This is a situation that has been known since the beginning of this conflict, but which is only now beginning to become a reality in many countries.

with ideas well defined, Switzerland is preparing for the worst scenarios and the measures that can be taken are already being studied. This plan has two phases, depending on the severity, and goes through a first emergency phase and a second crisis phase. Each of them has several levels.

switzerland energy flat phase electric

Electric cars are the first victims

In the first scenario, if implemented, electric cars could be the first victims. Its use should be reduced to the essentials, such as travel to work, visits to doctors and others. In short, all non-essential travel.

In the second, more critical phase, the Swiss government may have to take even more restrictive measures. This is where banning the use of consoles and other devices comes into play, as well as lowering the quality of streaming services, to reduce data center consumption.

switzerland energy flat phase electric

The phases depend on the problems that arise

Switzerland derives around 60% of its energy from hydroelectric power stations which rely heavily on melting snow in the spring and summer. As a result, these are much less active during the winter months. A significant part of production still uses nuclear power plants.

For now, this still appears to be a proposal under consideration, but one that has the robustness to be put into practice in the near future. Everything will depend on the evolution of the breakdown and if the most elementary measures do not prove to be sufficient and effective.

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