Olivia Wilde is having a hard time breaking up with Harry Styles

After two years of love, the 38-year-old actress-director and the 28-year-old actor-singer have ended their idyll born during the filming of don’t worry darling🇧🇷 Olivia Wilde visibly finds it hard to forget Harry Styles.

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“The breakup was difficult for her,” a relative told the magazine People🇧🇷 “Olivia thinks they were going to get out of their problems. She’s disappointed. Remember that the two lovers made the decision to leave because of the incompatibility of their respective schedules. In addition to preparing his next album, Harry Styles has embarked on a major tour around the world. For her part, Olivia Wilde must juggle her work and her life as a mother, with her two children, Daisy, six, and Otis, eight, of whom she shares custody with actor Jason Sudeikis.

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