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After winning everything 100 geniuses, Félix Tétreault could have a swollen head. Some have it coming out ofDouble occupation?? But the 17-year-old is filled with humility.

Met at Collège Durocher, the private high school he attends in Saint-Lambert, Félix persists in saying that he is “a very normal teenager” who likes to see his friends and play video games, but can consider the show 100 geniuses Knows that this is a very incomplete portrait.

This fall, despite a new rule that requires a team to be disbanded and re-rolled after three straight wins, Félix still managed to return to the arena. His successes in the quiz reserved for young people aged 14 to 17 are not new. From his first visit, in 2020, he imposed himself. Last year, his airtime had to compete with that of the host Pierre-Yves Lord so much he drew good answers at high speed.

In three seasons, his earnings are close to $13,000 in scholarships. “When I signed up, I just wanted to have fun. My but, it was not necessarily to win, but it happened, ”he sums up modestly.

Knowing Ti-Joe

The son of psychologist parents, Félix Tétreault grew up surrounded by books and atlases, which he began asking for as gifts as soon as he started reading, around the age of 3. He is always up for a game of Docte-Rat, Ti-Joe Connaissant, A few acres of traps or any other board game likely to stimulate his intellect.

In his spare time, he writes a book, a collection of portraits of significant women in history. On Friday afternoons, he volunteers with the elderly.

At school, he particularly likes geography, arts and history, but like the public of 100 geniuses noted it, his knowledge largely finds these three matters. Politics, physics, languages… He masters an impressive variety of subjects, including the musical mini-quizzes organized by Bruno Chartrand, his Contemporary World teacher. “He knows all the songs, regardless of the decade,” the teacher tells us. I always have to change Félix teams. It’s a little musical bible. It’s like a running gag in class: if no one has the answer, Felix will probably have it. ??

Félix is ​​not someone who wants to learn just to answer questions, show off to others and earn points; he is someone who wants to learn in order to emancipate himself, to satisfy his curiosity.

Bruno Chartrand, teacher


Felix Tetreault

Bruno Chartrand is not the only teacher who covers Félix with praise. His former mathematics teacher Alexandre Thibodeau is described as an “ideal student”, involved, independent and courteous. “Félix gives his all to everything. He would have been able to learn everything on his own. He didn’t really need me, but in Class he participated. ??

Those who have always had to work hard to get decent grades in school probably won’t appreciate learning that Felix didn’t need Nunca to study to shine. THE 100 geniuseshe has already found the answer to a question nestled in a poem by Edgar Allan Poe because he had remembered that an episode of simpson, his favorite series, had mentioned it. “I think I have a photographic file. When I see something, I know I’ll remember it for the exam. I learn easily. ??

down with prejudice

Félix Tétreault is delighted with the success of 100 geniuseswhich attracts 367,000 viewers every Thursday evening on ICI Télé. He felt that the show challenged negative prejudices Budding geniuses, these competitions in which many class leaders – like him – take part regularly. Prejudices formerly crystallized by Rock and beautiful ears. Because obviously, although it is a pure product of the 2000s, Félix Tétreault knows this sketch from 1986 in the fanl the cancers of Saint-Jean-de-Bosco were measured against nerd middle school students from the Entrailles-les-Oies college. You can even say “Bo Derek!” without him looking at us with an eyebrow.


Félix Tétreault (right) with two of the teammates he played with this fall.

“I have the reference!” “, he says, smiling.

We’re just curious teenagers. We like to learn. We play by testing our knowledge. That’s all.

Felix Tetreault

speaker of Budding geniuses, Felix obviously does not pass in the preview when he participates in the meetings. Mothers frequently approach him to take a picture with their son. “Sometimes I forget that I’m on TV. I always get excited when people smoke the time to come see me. ??

Felix does not yet know what he wants to do later. He hopes to find a profession that will satisfy two or three passions. In the meantime, he will enroll in CEGEP in natural sciences, just to keep his options open. “I’m interested in so many deals, it’s hard to choose. But it’s a nice problem to have, I guess. ??

HERE TV presents 100 geniuses, Thursday, at 8 p.m. The last one will air on December 8.

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