OD: The real reasons for Jay Du Temple’s departure

Animator Jay Du Temple the announcement that he definitively left his role at the helm of Occupation Double??

It is indeed after this eventful and tumultuous season that Jay is quitting reality TV, despite the fact that the od adventure if continued as planned.

However, it seems that this decision was made before it all explodes??

“I am therefore pleased to announce that the OD adventure will continue on the airwaves of Noovo. That said for me, after six years animating OD, the time has come for me to step down as Captain Twist and leave it to someone else. I announced to production last August that this would be my last season. I told them before leaving because I know that once at my destination when I’m offered a new season, it’s really really hard for me to refuse. Because I’m surrounded by a really, really special team that I love so much, that helped me learn a job, become a better person, it’s the team that made me want to quit year after year. So, to the team, I say thank you, friends, I love you”, launches an emotional Jay and tears in their eyes on the set of the OD Martinique final.

Then, in an interview with journalist Dominic Tardif from The Press?? Jay Du Temple seems to want to reassure the public and reaffirm that his decision had nothing to do with the controversy of this season and that each year he signs “only for one year”.

Du Temple, however, explains that this season was indeed difficultbut that the important thing for him was to be present for his team and the candidates, on a human level, describing the last stretch as “a long weekend of intensity and emotions”.

To a question from Tardif, to know if the production would not have created itself the climate that led to its own slippageJay Du Temple replies that he “imagines so”.

More interestingly, the star then explains that the controversy would have “fed his thinking”, feeling a certain feeling of helplessness in the face of “something that gets criticized” when he does not “make the decisions”.

He also speaks of “discomfort” during the interview, discomfort that he will however always have been able to “express” during his reign, he assures, thus maintaining a “way of being honest”.

From the Temple assures in the end that he was “never asked” to make a gesture which would have made him “uncomfortable”.

Let’s go back to the OD finale, which was very emotional and where we could see Jay’s sister, present on the set and very moved by her brother’s words.

Remember that Jay Du Temple is now back to his first love, and therefore on stage, with his comedy show, end??

A sad page to turn for OD followers.

Good continuation, Captain Twist!

Thank you for everything, Lady Mayhem.

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