Don’t buy new cars, keep old ones, says BMW official

sand not buying a new car too often promotes sustainability. This was stated by the head of BMW’s sustainability department, Monika Dernai, at an event in London, England.

According to Dernai, the auto industry can reduce waste by encouraging consumers to keep their cars and renew them rather than buying new ones.

“We really need to think about extending the life of our cars. Not having a used car market where we sell to each other, but maybe buying a car and increasing its life,” said- he started by saying.

“The idea could be, for example, to renovate the interior. New features are needed in the spare and design cars so that the interiors can be changed, replacing a new seat with an old one. In this way, we can have a used car that looks like new,” said Monika Dernai.

In a discussion whose main topic was the circular economy, the head of sustainability at BMW said that the exclusive use of public transport was not yet a reality for everyone, because transport networks do not cover all regions of a country, which gives the United States for example.

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