Celine Dion, another blow, she lost her voice, her return postponed

At the microphone of RTL, Erick Benzi, faithful songwriter of the singer, gave news of Celine Dion. And they are not good. They are not good. The Quebec diva would not be about to make her big comeback on the front of the stage.

The mum-of-two would still be in the impossibility of performing on stage and singing.
Still very vulnerable, she was even forced to cancel the studio recording of the song La Mémoire d’Abraham, organized for the release of the album L’Héritage Goldman, vol. 2 (which will be released on December 2).
However, Celine Dion is super happy to participate in this project.
But unfortunately, she still had vocal problems.

“She is super happy to participate, in addition she still had vocal problems, she was not yet in shape to do anything. It gets better, it takes time, it’s not easy. She said to me, “I’m not ready to sing. 🇧🇷

Her comeback still looks just as uncertain… Céline Dion She didn’t send herself “not ready to sing”.
However, a cheerful rumor evoked at the beginning of the year a concert in Las Vegas. This project, however, fell through.

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