The powerful European supercomputer with 14,000 graphics and 2,800 TB of RAM

At Pplware we often talk about the most powerful supercomputers in the world, and some of them are real monsters with unimaginable performance for the ordinary user.

And today we’re going to talk about Leonardo, a new European supercomputer with an incredible 14,000 Nvidia A100 graphics cards, 3,500 Intel Xeon processors and 2,800 TB of RAM. With these and other features, it will then be the fourth most powerful supercomputer in the world.

Leonardo: the 4th most powerful supercomputer in the world

Supercomputers bear this name precisely because they are super powerful machines with a more than incredible processing capacity. We have already mentioned a few examples here and recently we have made known the andromeda brainsintended for artificial intelligence and equipped with 14 million cores.

From now on, Europe will inaugurate a new supercomputer, the powerful Leonardo, this Thursday, November 24, in Italy, more precisely at the Technopolis of Bologna. And with this novelty, Europe now has two of the supercomputers that are part of the TOP 4 of the most powerful in the world.

This Leonardo supercomputer was built by the French company Atos and based on the BullSequana XH2000 architecture. It has two compute modules called Booster and Data Centric. The machine is designed for use in various fields and research, such as biomedicine, engineering, human brain modeling and artificial intelligence development.

Leonardo's specifications

Thus, Leonardo will then be the 4th most powerful supercomputer in the world with 3,500 Intel Xeon processors and 14,000 Nvidia A100 graphics cards. It will have a RAM memory capacity of 2,800 TB for 110 Po of storage, consuming no less than 6,000 KW.

The machine is divided into two modules: the Booster with 3,456 Intel Ice Lake compute nodes and the Data Centric with 1,536 nodes based on 3-node BullSequana X2140 servers with Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids processors.

Learn more about the Leonardo supercomputer here🇧🇷

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