LE BAL – An Argentinian journalist who was robbed makes an unusual report: “Deportation or five years in prison? (World Cup 2022)

The Argentine journalist for the Todo Noticias television channel, Dominique Metzger, revealed that she was the target of a robbery while she was live in Qatar. “My wallet was stolen while we were live streaming. At one point we were dancing with people and maybe that was the time. I only realized my wallet was missing when I wanted to buy water. I’m at the police station and the police guarantee that they will find the thief,” he wrote on Instagram.

The journalist was even more intrigued when asked to decide on the sentence to be applied to the attacker, upon his capture. “The police told me: ‘We have high definition cameras everywhere and we will identify the attacker using facial recognition.’ They insisted on asking me what sentence I wanted to use, five years in prison or deportation. I didn’t answer. I just told them that I was afraid to get back my wallet with my documents, my money and my cards. I didn’t want to put myself in the place of Justice. I had the flesh chicken because I found it too strong”, concluded Dominique Metzger.

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