Microsoft has decided to bring the keyboard back to iOS and the iPhone

SwiftKey has been one of many Microsoft purchases in recent years. This keyboard, which is part of Android’s references, was removed from iOS a few months ago, without any justification from the software giant.

From now on, and in a movement that no one expected, everything has returned to the initial scenario. SwiftKey is back on iOS and can once again be used by all iPhone users. It’s a comeback that many wanted and few believed.

SwiftKey Microsoft Keyboard iOS iPhone

SwiftKey is back on iOS

The purchase of SwiftKey has proven to be very advantageous for Microsoft. In addition to being one of the most used on Android, it has turned into a proposition that Windows itself uses without most users being aware of it.

Now, and after a decision few understood, SwiftKey is back in Apple's mobile operating system. It's a return to App Store and iOS, so it can be used as an alternative keyboard.

The keyboard is accessible on iPhone

The justification for this return was not extended by Microsoft, but a reason was given for the software giant to do so. A representative of the company revealed that it's all down to the feedback that users have passed on.

It is important to note that the version that has been put back on the App Store is not exactly new. It's the same one that was available last September and had the last update date of August 11, 2021.

SwiftKey Microsoft Keyboard iOS iPhone

Microsoft promises news soon

Even so, and based on what was revealed with the news of SwiftKey's return, Microsoft will be preparing plenty of new features for its keyboard. He didn't specify anything that could be advanced, but a lot is expected to come soon.

This is great news from Microsoft for iOS and the iPhone. It's a keyboard that many want to use and is finally back to be explored to its full potential.

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