11 years in prison for the “brilliant” Elizabeth Holmes

Peter DaSilva / EPA

Elizabeth Holmes in court

A fall announced long ago and confirmed by a judge in the USA. A shaken, pregnant Elizabeth is sentenced to 38 years.

Theranos🇧🇷 The company supposed to revolutionize the medical diagnostic industry was created by Elizabeth Holmes🇧🇷

The business woman has emerged as a promise of the business world, globally. would be the new jobs steveaccording to experts.

But, after all, it was a fraud🇧🇷 did false presentations and mislead investors, in product demonstrations, in press articles… Everywhere.

He was advertising a purported portable blood testing device, the test Edisonwhich could perform extensive blood tests from a few drops of blood from a finger, revolutionizing the blood testing industry.

Has been fake🇧🇷 The potential was lower than announced. Such equipment performed only a few tests and his company performed most of the tests for patients with equipment manufactured by other companies🇧🇷

And so was the part where Elizabeth Holmes announced that The US armed forces were already using your technology.

Deceived doctors and patients, on purpose. And he exaggerated when he talked about Theranos’ financial performance.

Played in a elaborate and prolonged fraud in which he exaggerated or provided false information about technological, business and financial performance, according to US authorities.

At first he paid $500,000 fine and was banned from being a company director for 10 years – while his company, Theranos, closed (it reached a value of 8.5 billion dollars).

It was in 2018. Earlier this year, Elizabeth Holmes was considered a guilty of three fraud charges telephone tapping and an accusation of conspiracy commit wiretap fraud.

He didn’t find the sentence just, he asked for a new trial, but the result was really negative for him: 11 years in prison🇧🇷 The decision was known this Friday, in a California court.

“I’m devastated because of the mistakes I’ve made. I feel a deep pain what people went through because of me, I failed. I regret my mistakes with every cell in my body,” one told the court. shaken 38-year-old businesswoman – who is Pregnant🇧🇷

The judge told Elizabeth Holmes she was “bright”🇧🇷 But “committing fraud is not right”.

Nuno Teixeira da Silva, ZAP //

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