THE BALL – Guaranteed referees in Arab national team matches (2022 World Cup)

The chairman of FIFA’s refereeing committee, Pierluigi Collina, said yesterday that the referees selected for the World Cup in Qatar – French Stephanie Frappart, Rwandan Salima Mukansanga and Japanese Yamashita Yoshimi – will be able to referee the matches of the Arab teams.

“From the day we published the list of referees, I say that what is new always captures attention and interest. I insist, all referees are part of FIFA and are ready to referee all types of matches. Always, of course, based on performance and experience,” Collina reinforced.

The former referee warned that the judges will pay particular attention to entries that endanger the physical integrity of the players. “When that happens, coaches can expect a red card,” he warned.

Collina’s warning comes four years after Russia 2018 reduced the total number of red cards to four – the lowest since 1978, in a competition with 26 fewer games. A total of 10 red cards were issued in the 2014 final in Brazil, 17 in the 2010 tournament in South Africa and an impressive 28 in the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

The Italian has also promised faster VAR decisions, especially on offside shots, which will benefit from the help of semi-automatic lines.

Twelve cameras in each stadium will track 29 points on each player’s body, and a sensor inside the ball will send data to the VAR operations room 500 times per second to enable highly accurate assessment of when the pass was made. executed.

Meanwhile, Dutch referee Danny Makkelie told fans not to be surprised if they were given “six, seven, eight, nine minutes of extra time”.

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