Retirees will lose more than half of their salary

Anyone who retires in 48 years, in 2070, risks losing more than half of their salary on the pension they receive, according to a study by the Nova School of Business and Economics presented yesterday at the annual conference of the Supervisory Authority for Insurance and Pension Funds (ASF). For example, if, in 2070, a worker with a salary of two thousand euros retires, he will only be entitled to 46% of his last salary, or 920 euros.

Current pensions are even close to the value of the last salary received. In 2019, the salary replacement rate for retirement was 79%, according to the same study. That is to say that for a salary of two thousand euros, the worker receives 1580 euros on retirement. But for 48 years, the estimates have been much grimmer and point to a reduction of 33 points, from 79% to 46%, the third largest drop in Europe, just behind Spain and Latvia. The fall in the replacement rate in the EU27 average is nine points between 2022 and 2070.

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