Madonna with her breasts exposed and in panties, the 64-year-old singer lets loose (again)

Madonna, who today seems to be making bad taste her new trademark, has once again encountered fire on social networks. On November 14, she caused a sensation on Instagram with some rather provocative photos!

Madonna bitten by her new Balenciaga bag? The materialistic girl didn’t cut corners to stage its new favorite accessory signed by the Parisian brand, although… To show off its famous Hourglass bag in a yellow adhesive tape version, the 64-year-old singer chose to pose topless, wearing only lace panties and fishnet gloves🇧🇷 But the handbag is not the only one that the queen of pop has chosen! If the chest of the star is supposed to be hidden by her long hair and the famous bag, the one who masters the art of provocation like no other also reveals the nipple of the scandal!

Why does Madonna divide Internet users with her photos?

Topless Madonna biting the handle of her handbag! It was enough to ignite the Web and divide Internet users. Some are offended to see the now 64-year-old singer show off her breasts and pose in such a provocative outfit, others are sorry that Madonna is not a role model for women who want to assume their age-her face is now ravaged and unrecognizable due to cosmetic surgery – while diehard fans praise the star for his undying rebellious spirit. In the meantime, it’s the mark Balenciaga who welcomes this unexpected spotlight. Contacted by the editorial staff of Madame Figarothe Parisian house is delighted with “to count Madonna among his good customers🇧🇷

Madonna freewheeling on social networks: he assumes!

Going from queen of pop to queen of provocation, Madonna has been having fun for a few years now making ever more outrageous appearances – she posted a video supposed to hear, for example, that she would be a lesbian – on social networks🇧🇷 A fan of topless, the star was already posting a photo of her topless in her bathroom on her Instagram account, emojis hiding her nipples, or even a TikTok video where she twerks in lingerie.

Despite criticism that she appears unrecognizable, that she multiplies disturbing photos and videos, the interpreter of like a prayer don’t care. 🇧🇷They always tried to silence me, for one reason or another. I was told that I wasn’t pretty enough, that I didn’t sing well enough, that I wasn’t talented enough or tidy enough. And now it’s because I’m not young enough. I find myself fighting ageism because I’m being punished for turning 60. I am a single mother of six children and I continue to be creative as an artist and politically engaged (…) And those who are not happy have to behave themselves“, available in 2019 at vogue🇧🇷

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