Christina Applegate explains why she attended her Walk of Fame ceremony barefoot

Christina Applegate attended her Walk of Fame star unveiling barefoot due to multiple sclerosis.

After the ceremony held on Monday, the star of bad moms explained on Twitter why she wore no shoes during the event.

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“For some people with MS, the feel of the shoes can hurt or knock us off balance,” she wrote, alongside a photo of her feet near her star. So today I was there. Barefoot.”

Multiple sclerosis was given to him in August 2021.

Photographs from the event showed the letters “fu MS” written on her fingernails for the ceremony, in reference to the phrase “f*ck you Multiple Sclerosis.”

During her acceptance speech, she referenced her bare feet and illness.

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“Oh, by the way, I have a disease…” she began. Didn’t you notice? I’m not even wearing shoes… Either way, you’re supposed to laugh about it.”

Her fans and other celebrities reacted positively to her tweet, including Star Wars icon Mark Hamill, singer Gloria Estefan and the star of It’s Spinal TapMichael McKean.

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