A BOLA – President of the federation dismissed for incompatibilities (Judo)

The president and management of the Portuguese Judo Federation (FPJ) will lose their mandate following an investigation by the Portuguese Sports and Youth Institute (IPDJ) to investigate possible incompatibilities in the exercise of functions of Jorge Fernandes in the FPJ and the Judo Clube de Coimbra, among others.

The IPDJ investigation follows the receipt of a complaint from the Associação de Judo de Castelo Branco (AJCB) – also transmitted to the Portuguese Olympic Committee (COP) -, and the conclusions now reached are compatible with the ” non-compliance, on the framework of the president of the federal management [de judo]of article 51 of the Legal Regime of Sports Federations (RJFD)”, in which it is “enumerated the loss of mandate of the holders of federative bodies, due to ineligibility, incompatibility or intervention in a contract in which they have an interest”, informs the IPDJ, without specifying whether the determination considers as founded other accusations contained in the same complaint by the AJCB, that Jorge Fernandes would cumulate the post of president of the board of directors of the FPJ with that of coach responsible for the training levels of the JCC and that he would have hired his son within the technical team of the Youth Judo department of the FPJ. The IPDJ adds that the FPJ “has already been informed of the conclusions of the investigation and that it will be up to the General Assembly to dismiss the chairman of the management board and the executive”.

” I am not angry. I did nothing to the detriment of the modality”, guarantees. “And I’m not going to be incompatible with anyone and I’m not coming out as a criminal, I did no wrong, just what I thought was best for judo. But if he had known that he was not complying, he obviously would not have done so”, pleads Jorge Fernandes, who became president of the FPJ in 2017, after being re-elected for a second term in 2020.

This decision of the IPDJ coincides with the extraordinary audit that the FPJ is carrying out, with the aim of evaluating the financial execution of the Olympic program for sport, resulting from complaints from several athletes, but also to investigate on certain decisions of the federation within the framework of the legal regime of sports federations.

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